Fall of the Hulks Hulk Fine Art Statue


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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese Import! The HULK has been a staple superhero of the Marvel Comics universe for years, battling foes across the universe in epic storylines. Mild-mannered scientist Dr. Bruce Banner was experimenting on highly volatile gamma radiation when an explosion bathed him with that green energy, transforming him into the enormous aggressive powerhouse known as the Hulk. At times a hero and at others a grave threat to all of humanity, Banner's alter ego faces his greatest enemy in the mysterious Red Hulk as part of the Fall of the Hulk storyline. Joining that massive crimson-hued monster in the Fine Art Statue line, the Hulk is also based on the dynamic art of Ed McGuinness. Scuplted by master artist Erick Sosa of Kotobukiya's "Kreative 3" Team, the Hulk is nearly 13 inches tall (1/6th-scale) even in his forward leaping pose. Best of all, the Hulk's rocky base connects to the Red Hulk's to form a dynamic battle scene, letting you recreate the Fall of the Hulk in what's sure to become the centerpiece of your collection! $299.99 US

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